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Ideally, your only need for an optometrist is for annual eye exams and to update a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. Unfortunately, sometimes issues with vision and eye health come up other than just a need for updated corrective lenses. In San Antonio and Castroville, TX, our eye doctor at Medina Eye Care offers therapeutic optometry to treat several conditions which may cause eye discomfort or poor eyesight.

Here you can find stylish eyeglasses that make you look great and feel comfortable. At our office we help determine the best options that are going to be best for your vision now and in the future.

Annual Eye Exams

Annual eye exams are the first step towards maintaining great vision throughout life. An eye exam can include finding the best prescription for eyeglasses, assuring contact lenses are appropriately fitted and diagnose any underlying condition contributing to poor eyesight. A common complaint is dry eyes, discomfort and itchiness in the eyes, which can be caused by any number of issues from poor vision to eye disease.

Optometrist Services

Various conditions can occur in young  people or progress and affect older adults. Keratoconus occurs when the front of the cornea begins to bulge outward, causing blurred, clouded, or distorted vision, especially under bright lights such as experienced when driving at night. Myopia, “nearsightedness” is a condition in which vision decreases the further away an object is.

Other conditions our eye doctor, Dr. Arthur A. Medina Jr., treats include farsightedness, glaucoma, lazy eye, presbyopia, and uveitis. Retinal disorders, night blindness, vision changes, and problems with contact lenses can also be addressed, among a myriad of other eye problems.

Eye Surgery Consultations

Modern technology allows for surgical procedures rather than corrective lenses to resolve many vision problems. Medina Eye Care provides LASIK surgery as an alternative to eyeglasses or contacts, and cataract surgery as needed. We start with a thorough diagnosis before discussing your options. Every patient is different and requires different needs, so a consultation is always recommended before deciding what will work best for you. Your treatment plan will be based entirely on your needs and what has had the best results in similar cases.

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Whether you're experiencing vision loss, dry eyes, and discomfort, or need an annual exam to assure continued eye health visit Medina Eye Care. Our optometrist provides the best in eye care for the community of San Antonio and Castroville, TX. To schedule, an appointment with either of our offices call (210) 225-4141 [San Antonio] or (830) 931-2328 [Castroville], we are waiting to help you today.

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