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Contact Lens Fitting

Contact Lens Fitting

Contact Lens Fittings at Medina Eye Care

Our eye care clinic is led by Dr. Arthur Medina, who is an experienced optometrist. We have offices in San Antonio and Castroville. Dr. Medina has been practicing as an optometrist since starting his private practice in 1983. We offer eye care and vision health services for adults, seniors, and children. One of the services we offer is contact lens exams.


Contact Lens Exams

Contact lens exams are different from regular eye exams. During a contact lens exam, our eye doctor will check your eyes and vision health to determine whether your eyes are suitable for contact lenses. He will also determine what type of contact lens is appropriate for your condition. Several types of eye conditions such as dry eyes, glaucoma, and other conditions may make wearing contact lenses difficult or ineffective.

What to Expect

One of the most important aspects of a contact lens exam is measuring the eye surface to determine the right size and shape of the contact lens. Using an incorrect size or shape may irritate the eyes and interfere with proper vision. At Medina Eye Care, we use state-of-the-art technology for our contact lens exams. We may also want to perform a tear film evaluation to determine if you can comfortably wear contact lenses. Our optometrist will want to perform a fluid pressure check for your eyes as well.

Keep in mind that an eyeglass prescription is different from a contact lens prescription. So you must have a separate contact lens exam to determine the correct size and fit of the contact lenses for your eyes. Our team will also guide you with selecting a type of contact lens depending on your preferences, lifestyle, and prescription. We only carry high-quality contact lenses at Medina Eye Care. Along with the contact lenses exam, we highly recommend that you have regular eye and vision health exams to monitor the condition of your eyes.

Get New Contact Lenses in San Antonio & Castroville, TX

We provide a wide range of quality eye care services to San Antonio, Castroville, and the surrounding communities. If you are ready to make the switch from glasses to contacts, our team at Medina Eye Care is here to help! Call our San Antonio office today at (210) 225-4141 or our Castroville office at (830) 931-2328.

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