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Lasik & PRK

Lasik & PRK

LASIK & PRK Services in San Antonio and Castroville

Laser vision surgeries have been life-changing for millions of Americans. Many people use LASIK to describe all vision corrective surgeries. However, there are some differences between that procedure and PRK. Here are a few things to know before coming in to Medina Eye Care for a consultation with our optometrist:


What’s the Difference Between LASIK and PRK?

These are both refractive surgeries that involve the use of lasers. A laser is used to reshape the cornea of your eye. This careful, precise surgery can correct many cases of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Although these procedures have the same goal, they achieve that goal in different ways.


During LASIK, a flap of your cornea is cut and moved out of the way. Deeper tissue is then reshaped as needed. That flap is then re-positioned over the area of the surgery. This flap protects the reshaped area as it heals.


No flap is created during this procedure. Instead, the epithelial layer is scraped away and the cornea is directly reshaped. Special contact lenses may be placed to protect the corneas during the initial healing process.

Who’s a Good Candidate for These Procedures?

A good candidate for any kind of laser eye surgery will generally have:

  • Overall good physical health.
  • Overall healthy eyes.
  • No severe dry eye syndrome.
  • A thick enough cornea that it can be safely reshaped.
  • Pupils that are not too large.
  • Stabilized vision with no recent changes in prescription.
  • A moderate prescription.

People with very mild refractive errors may not see enough benefit for the cost and healing time of eye surgery. Meanwhile, those with very strong prescriptions can have unpredictable results. They may also not be able to achieve good enough vision to go without glasses or contact lenses.

Which Procedure Is Right for You?

LASIK involves a faster healing time. Many people experience almost perfect vision as soon as a day after surgery. They may also experience less discomfort during the healing process.

Meanwhile, PRK may be more uncomfortable and can take up to a month to fully heal from. So why might your eye doctor recommend it over LASIK? PRK creates vision improvement without the possible complications of the flap healing improperly.

Do You Have More Questions for Your Optometrist?

Medina Eye Care offers premier therapeutic eye care in the Castroville and San Antonio, TX, area. Our experienced optometrist and team will give you the best possible care during your eye surgical journey. Contact us today to learn more or request an appointment.

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