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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Exam and Eye Care from Our Optometrist

Contacts can be a convenient way to correct your vision, but you will need a contact lens exam if you are planning to wear them. Our optometrist, serving San Antonio, TX, and Castroville, TX, Dr. Arthur A. Medina of Medina Eye Care is here to help. 


A Contact Lens Exam and an Eye Exam

When you want to wear contact lenses instead of or in addition to glasses, you will need a contact lens exam first. During this exam, our optometrist will need to measure certain parts of your eye to make sure your contacts will fit well.

Our eye doctor will measure the curvature of your cornea. If you have your cornea has irregularities, our eye doctor will need to measure your cornea to ensure that your contact lenses fit.

Eye exams can also be important if you are at risk for certain eye diseases. Some eye diseases, like glaucoma, can cause irreversible vision loss by the time you notice symptoms on your own. However, they can be caught early with an eye exam so you can help avoid that vision loss.

Your Contact Lens Exam

To make sure you get the right contact lenses, and to help make sure you don’t have any other eye health problems, our eye doctor will ask you a number of questions about your lifestyle. Our eye doctor will need to know whether you plan to wear contacts all day, or just for certain activities, like sports.

Dr. Medina will also discuss disposable contacts with you. He will go over the advantages and disadvantages of different types of contacts.

Can Everyone Wear Contacts?

For people who have certain diseases of the eye, contacts just aren't possible. If you have dry eye disease, blepharitis, or severe eye allergies, Dr. Medina can help treat those eye diseases and he may also recommend special types of contacts. 

Dr. Medina may also refer you to an eye surgeon for corrective treatment. Also, if you just have trouble adjusting to eye contacts, Dr. Medina will work with you until you get to the bottom of the problem.

Schedule Your Contact Lens Exam with Our Optometrist

We at Medina Eye Care are here to help you preserve your eye health. We can prescribe contacts and eyeglasses to correct your vision. Call us at (210) 225-4141 for San Antonio, TX, or (830) 931-2328 in Castroville, TX, today for eye contacts.

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