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Screen Time and Vision Health

Over the past several years, it seems that there has been a huge increase in the amount of time that kids and adults are spending in front of screens. While people used to be very wary of not spending too much time in front of screen, in particular making sure that their kids did not spend a lot of time staring at screens, our changing society made using screens for hours at a time practically necessary in order to work and go to school. We at Medina Eye Care in San Antonio, TX, and in Castroville, TX, know a lot about screen time and vision health. Our optometrist knows how to handle eye strain caused by too much screen time.

Blue Light from Digital Media and Eye Strain 

Many kids and adults have started to report problems with their vision because of this uptick in screen time. Eye strain is usually the first symptom that many people notice; their eyes hurt, and it becomes difficult to focus. The issue with screens is that our bodies simply weren't designed to stare at them for long periods of time. Unlike other things that require intense visual concentration, such as reading and sewing, computer work tends to require very little eye movement.

This, combined with the not-quite understood phenomenon of blue light from many digital devices affecting the optic nerve and the way our brains process optic information has meant that many people who are spending a lot of time in front of screens have noticed that their eyes are being affected. Common symptoms may include dry eyes, headaches, and spotty vision.

Fortunately, there are things that can be done. While blue light blocking glasses and taking frequent breaks can help, an eye doctor will also be able to prescribe medications such as eye drops that can help. It may also be possible for the doctor to find other ways in which the effects of screens on you or your child's vision can be reduced without medications.

Contact Us for Blue Light Blocking Glasses and Other Remedies for Eye Strain Caused by Digital Media

If you live in the San Antonio, TX, or Castroville, TX, area and you think you're suffering from eye strain caused by digital devices, give our optometrist office a call at (210) 225-4141 (San Antonio) or (830) 931-2328 (Castroville) for Median Eye Care. Our eye doctor is here to help.