Glaucoma: Why Routine Exams and Early Treatment Are Important

Our eye doctor in San Antonio sees many patients that are diagnosed with glaucoma. Many of these patients do not come in until they notice problems with their eyesight such as blurriness, halos around lights, and pain in the eyes. It is important to detect and treat glaucoma early. If you live in San Antonio, Castroville, or the surrounding areas, contact our optometrist at Medina Eye Care today to schedule an eye exam.

What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a condition where the fluid in your eye does not drain regularly as it should. The buildup of fluid creates pressure within the eye that eventually starts pressing on the optic nerve. When this pressure is allowed to continue, it can damage the optic nerve and eventually cause blindness. Often, the early stages of glaucoma do not have symptoms to indicate there is something amiss.

How The Eye Doctor Diagnoses Glaucoma

Glaucoma is often discovered by routine pressure tests during a regular eye exam. You will be given a numbing eye drop and our eye doctor will use a quick touch that allows us to test the pressure in your eye. The test is quick and painless.

Why Early Treatment is Important

Glaucoma shows no symptoms at first but the pressure is already putting stress on your optic nerve. The longer this continues, the more the nerve is damaged. This can cause loss of vision in various areas of the eye and eventually a total loss of vision. The damage cannot be reversed but, when it is caught early, eye drops can help reduce the pressure in your eyes. Other measures can be taken if the condition has progressed to advanced stages.

Contact Our Eye Doctor in San Antonio, TX

Our optometrist at Medina Eye Care recommends annual eye exams to check for the presence of glaucoma. Early detection and treatment can preserve your vision. Call our San Antonio office today at (210) 225-4141 or our Castroville office at (830) 931-2328.